Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day that we don’t normally celebrate as we are normally saving for something like a wedding or a house and we prefer to put the money that we would have spent into the savings pot. 

This year I was planning to bake some cookies this afternoon to give to Darren when he gets in, nothing exciting just another packet mix to do with Ethan, but the day hasn’t gone as planned. 

Ethan is running a temperature and has a cough and a cold so isn’t feeling 100% this means that we had to skip his swimming lesson today and have spent the day on the sofa watching TV. He also won’t let me leave his side so we have watched The Heffalump Movie, twice, The Steps Concert from the reunion tour last year and we are now watching Tipping Point, followed by The Chase. Ethan has started to take a liking to these quiz shows but it makes a very nice change to Deal or no Deal!

I did get a nice surprise this morning as I found something in Ethan’s bag that I wasn’t expecting. Ethan had made us a Valentine’s Day card at nursery, it made my day!


Whatever you are doing today we wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day

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