Our Siblings During April 2018

This month our siblings have enjoyed the Easter holidays together. Ethan did spend quite a few of his days at the school holiday club but that helped keep him calm. It also meant that the days we did spend together we were able to go out and enjoy ourselves as we weren’t so tired. We had a bit of a dinosaur theme this Easter as we visited Paradise Wildlife Park to experience their new World of Dinosaurs and on the Saturday before returning to school we went to see a show called Dinosaur World Live.

world of dinosaurs velociraptor paradise wildlife park

We decided to take the train to see the dinosaur show and the children enjoyed this experience together. Ethan has been using google earth to look at London and perhaps we could take the train with them into London later in the year.

siblings april 2018

Ethan’s behavior is still being quite challenging for us all. Little E takes it all in her stride. Sometimes she can help with the situation, other times she will join in with her brother. I have no idea how we can improve Ethan’s mood as we have tried so many different things. I really hope it is just a phase that will pass. I’m hoping sooner rather than later.

paradise wildlife park siblings

With Ethan in respite during the Easter holidays we got the chance to have a mother and daughter trip to the cinema. Little E wanted to see Peter Rabbit and we both really enjoyed it. I did feel sad that Ethan couldn’t join us but we might have to separate our siblings time with us as they get older. Ethan’s mood at the moment would have made a cinema trip really difficult for him. It just wasn’t worth the stress for all of us.

April brought with it the news of the school that Little E will attend from September. It is a different school from her brother and I wonder how their sibling relationship will grow and change with her starting school. I wonder if she will start to notice the differences between them. I can only hope that their relationship will remain close.

There are lots of changes coming up for our siblings this year. It will be a challenge for all of us, I really hope it will be a positive change for us all.

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