Our Siblings During January 2019

Another year has started and another year for me to share photos of our siblings. 2018 ended on a really nice high. We took the children to lots of Christmas activities and it was a really run up to Christmas day. We had a good Christmas day and I think Little E being a little bit older really made a difference to our enjoyment.

siblings ethan little e little tikes dual twister

Our siblings are still in a really good place with each other. Little E adores her brother and craves his attention. There are moments when she asks why he doesn’t talk to her or stops playing games with her. But there are also moments where she pushes him to interact. They have played together over the holidays even if it has just been fleeting moments. It has been wonderful to watch. A great example of this was dressing up as camel’s when we visited my brother’s house.

siblings jan 19 camels

This month has seen the return to school and our everyday routine. Thankfully this was a lot easier than I was expecting for Little E. She was quite happy to walk into her class on the first day of term. She hasn’t looked back for me once yet this term. A very different experience from the start of school.

Ethan was happy to be back at school as we can tell he missed the routine that it brings for him. In the last few days of the holidays, he needed us to stay in his room with him all night to settle. This is still ongoing as his teacher has been unwell and his class still isn’t right. I’m hoping his need for us won’t be as intense in the next few months.

siblings jan 19 the 02

Our siblings have already been on an adventure this year. We visited the 02 to see Disney On Ice Dream Big. We had a lovely day and also took an unexpected trip on the Emirates Air Line. Ethan had enjoyed our first trip so much that he made us very aware that he wanted to go on it again.

We also purchased Colchester Zoo Gold Passes at the start of the month. I’m looking forward to taking our siblings there this year. There are so many things that Little E needs to experience there.

We have had a good start to the year. I hope it continues.

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