Twilight Christmas Experience at Colchester Zoo

Twilight Christmas Experience at Colchester Zoo

We haven’t visited Colchester Zoo for a while now. When our Zoo passes run out a few years ago we didn’t renew them. At the time Darren’s shift work meant we wouldn’t be able to use them as much as we wanted to. When I got the email about the Twilight Christmas Experience at Colchester Zoo I knew I wanted to take the children to the event. It mentioned viewing the Christmas lights on the land train. Ethan loves Christmas lights so I knew he would enjoy it. Having visited Santas grotto at Colchester Zoo numerous times and taking Ethan to the breakfast with Santa event in 2012. I knew we wouldn’t be disappointed.

Twilight Christmas Experience Colchester Zoo

The Twilight Christmas Experience

The Twilight Christmas Experience cost £45.00 for children and £10.00 for the adults. There was no discount for pass holders as this was a stand-alone event when the zoo was closed to the general public.

The experience included a visit to Santa’s grotto, a chance to meet and feed Santa’s reindeer and time with Mother Christmas making a sand-filled star or Christmas tree.

After the activities, the children had dinner with Santa. They were given half a children’s sized pizza, half a jacket potato, and baked beans. They also had carrots, cucumber, and houmous available. For dessert, they had jelly and cookies. Mother Christmas also gave them a gingerbread biscuit. The adults were able to have a hot drink and a slice of cake whilst the children ate their food.

After dinner and more time meeting Santa it is time to board the land train. This is the time to see the zoo’s Christmas lights. At the end of the journey, Santa presents the children with a gift. The video below shows our time at the twilight Christmas experience.

Santa’s grotto

twilight christmas experience colchester zoo santas grotto singing penguins

At the start of the Twilight Christmas Experience, we were split into four groups. I’m assuming these groups were selected in the order you booked the experience as we were in group one and I booked our visit in August.

twilight christmas experience colchester zoo santas grotto reindeer

We haven’t visited Colchester Zoo’s Santa’s Grotto for a few years now. I wasn’t expecting it to be any different but it had totally changed. You even board a sleigh that takes you to the North Pole. Darren was unable to come with us on this visit to the zoo. I can’t wait to show him the updated grotto next December.

Meeting Santa’s Reindeer

twilight christmas experience colchester zoo feeding reindeer

After visiting Santa’s grotto our next activity was meeting Santa’s reindeer. It was the second time in December that our children met reindeer. Our first time was at the fillpots Christmas event. I never thought we would get the chance to feed reindeer and twice in the month was a real highlight.

Visiting The Christmas Lights On The Land Train

colchester zoo christmas lights polar bear

The last activity after the children had eaten was visiting the Christmas lights on the Land Train. This was the reason I booked the tickets. We have never been on the land train at the zoo. It is one of the things on my todo list now that we have Colchester Zoo Gold Passes again.

Twilight Christmas Experience at Colchester Zoo

It was lovely seeing all the lights and thankfully the rain stayed away during our journey. Whilst on our train ride, we had to help Santa look for the present sacks that he had lost. The children had to shout out whenever they spotted one.

The train stopped at the train station where we got to meet the Colchester Zoo mascots. Santa also visited the children again and he gave them all a gift. It was a lovely penguin and its chick.

colchester zoo christmas gift penguin

You can see our time on the land train in the video bellow…

We had a lovely time at the Colchester Zoo Twilight Christmas Experience. I would happily take the children again in the future.

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