Siblings January 2020

Our Siblings During January 2020

January 2020 has felt like the longest month ever! I know everyone says that but this year feels different for some reason. Our month started with our Christmas gift to our siblings. The first weekend of January was spent at Disneyland Paris. It was the last weekend of their Christmas season and I really wanted the children to experience a Disney Christmas.

ethan little e mike wazowski boos door disneyland paris

Due to the EuroStar schedule, we could only book a two-night stay. We normally book four nights so that we can pace our days out with breaks for the children. I was worried that two nights wouldn’t be long enough but we were able to do everything we wanted. The children absolutely loved it and we also experienced some more Disneyland Paris firsts. This included a character breakfast in the park and dinner at Cafe Mickey.

ethan little e disneyland paris

Ethan has settled back into the school routine nicely. He did miss his routine over the Christmas holiday and our little break away did really help to break up the lack of it. Ethan actually had a very good Christmas. This was the first one that he actually put in his own request to Santa. He also played with one of Christmas gifts for three days in a row. This is something he has never done! After that, he announced that Christmas had finished.

ethan little e mad hatter tea party disneyland paris

Little E has had a very busy month. She has had birthday parties to attend most weekends and rehearsals have started for her next ballet show. We are getting into a good routine with her weekend homework but they are going to set her extra as she needs a bit of a refresh with her phonics.

ethan little e tigger disneyland paris character breakfast plaza gardens restaurant January 2020

Even though January 2020 has felt long it has been a good month for our siblings. Disneyland Paris was a real highlight and I’m so glad we gave that trip to then as a Christmas gift. This year is going to be a little quieter than it was last year. It is more of a go with the flow year rather than a year full of different adventures. I’m sure we will make some nice memories along the way.

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