Our Siblings During March 2018

I’m very late writing my siblings update but this month has been a very tough month for us all. We are getting used to lots of changes in our work lives which is also impacting on our home life. Little E is taking everything in her stride but Ethan is being very naughty and we can only put that down to him feeling so unsettled and confused with the changes.

What didn’t help was the fact that after our Disneyland Paris adventure we didn’t really get back into the school routine. There was a few sickness days for both me and the children and the dreaded Beast from the East meant that school was closed for four and a half days! It did give me the chance to capture this months siblings photo.

my sunday photo snow day

Ethan’s naughtiness has come in the form of throwing. Something that he is finding very funny but we find very annoying. The sad thing is he has also taken to doing this at school. This has meant he has had to be removed from his class on a few occasions now and stopped from doing some of the nice activities. We have tried many different techniques to stop this throwing and for discipline but nothing is working.

To go along with this throwing Ethan’s must watch YouTube video of the moment is the BBC News headlines indents. Trapped in for days with the throwing the BBC News music has really taken its toll on me this month. I can normally ignore some of the autism quirks but not feeling 100% and the stress of the change at home really hasn’t helped.

Little E on the other hand has really blossomed over the past few months. She has suddenly grown up even more and I can see she is getting ready for the start of school. This week she even told me she wanted to learn how to read. I have no idea how I start to teach reading but we have lots of books that we can read together.

I have been wondering how Ethan’s behavior would affect Little E. She has been commenting that she hasn’t been naughty which means she is telling me that she isn’t throwing. Sometimes she does take advantage of me being busy with her brother and brings out every toy she owns. This gives Ethan even more things to throw but we are working on her having to clear up after herself.

It really has been a testing month for all of us as a family. I really hope that we can find things to put in place to make Ethan feel secure again. Hopefully the Easter Holidays will be calmer for us all.

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