Our Siblings During May 2018

I can’t believe how quickly May has passed! We have been so busy and the fact that the hard drive that contains all our videos and photos needed to be replaced has meant that our blog and YouTube channel has been even more quiet than normal. We have had something to do every weekend in May but Ethan was especially busy as he celebrated his birthday and went on his first residential camping trip.

siblings may

Ethan was a very lucky boy for his birthday. Not only did he have a soft play party with his friends from school we also visited Legoland Windsor and stayed in the Castle Hotel. We had a lovely time at Legoland and was very lucky with the weather. Little E was also old enough to drive the little cars for the first time and even braved Pirate Falls. Ethan was tall enough to experience Mia’s riding school for the first time but I think he might have found the ride a little scary.

siblings may

Ethan’s behavior is still hard at the moment but his break at camp gave us all a little respite. It looks like he had a fantastic time and he got to experience lots of new things. It was a big achievement for all of us as we have never been apart from each other for that long. I think he enjoyed it and came home happy.

I have visited his school this month about his behavior. They are trying some new techniques to see if that will help. I feel it is all sensory related but I also wonder if he is bored. There has been talk about trying him in a different class with a different ability. They will probably tell me if that has helped at parents evening.

siblings may

As well as a visit to Legoland this weekend we visited the 02 to see In The Night Garden Live. This was really a trip for Ethan as it was his favorite show when he was little. I’m glad we went again as it was great to see his reactions. We were told it will be the last tour of the show. I do wonder if it will now move on to another country.

We also booked a character meet with Iggle Piggle. Ethan loved meeting Iggle Piggle and gave him a big cuddle and a kiss. A kiss from Ethan is very rare.

meeting iggle piggle in the night garden live

Little E has enjoyed all of our days out in May. She loved driving the little Legoland cars and staying at the Castle Hotel. After seeing all of Ethan’s birthday celebrations she has been busy telling me what she would like for her birthday. This is new to me as Ethan still doesn’t request any gifts of any kind.

Our days out with her this year have been so much easier than last year. We no longer need to carry around a changing bag and taking a buggy is a thing of the past. She really has grown up very quickly in a short space of time.

We visited her new school last week for an introduction meeting. Over the next few months there will school visits and lunch dates. We will have to start thinking about uniforms and the logistics of two school runs. I’m looking forward to her starting school. She wants to learn new things and is ready. I’m excited and nervous for the changes that the next few months will bring for her.


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