Siblings November 2019

Our Siblings During November 2019

I have been so busy with work and our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway that I haven’t had a chance to write our sibling’s post for November 2019!

November 2019 has been a quiet month for our siblings. We have had the routine of school, after school clubs, ballet, and swimming lessons. We have been using our Colchester Zoo passes and have been spending our spare weekend days in their soft play. It has helped the children burn off excess energy and helped our weekends to be a little bit calmer.

We did visit Father Christmas at Perrywood Garden Centre this November. They held a special needs session and I thought it would be nice to see what it was all about. I must admit we did go a little mad with our Santa visits last year. This year there is one more planned but we do also have three very busy weekends over the Christmas holiday.

ethan little e meeting father christmas santas grotto perrywood garden centre

This month Ethan has been a lot calmer and the slapping has stopped. We are still having other battles but that is part of our everyday life. His meltdowns are becoming more frequent which can make for some very interesting moments! Ethan’s iPad is now struggling due to his slapping moments which really isn’t helping.

ethan little e wizards santas grotto perrywood garden centre

Little E had her parents evening this month and she is doing well in year one. She isn’t at the top of the class but she is happy and enjoys school. This I think is the most important thing.

Our siblings are going to have a very busy Christmas holiday together. We are planning some lovely family get-togethers. Darren has to work over the holiday but we are planning some nice Disney surprises for the weekends. I’m sure we will be exhausted by the end of it all but we would have made some great memories.

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