Our Siblings During September 2018

September is here and it has brought with it lots of change for our siblings and a family as a whole. At the start of the month Ethan returned to school to start year 4. We really hope that this year is a better year for him and he keeps calm. Last week Little E started school. This has brought a big change of routine for all of us as the first time in my parenting life I now do a school run. In the space of a few days I suddenly have two children wearing school uniform and we all walk Little E to school together.

gruffalo trail gruffalo thorndon country park

This transition hasn’t been an easy one for Little E. There have been tears and upset. I think this is partly because she knows none of the children’s names in the class yet. She is also very keen to learn how to read. It is possible that she thinks that she is the only one who doesn’t know how to. I really hope that things improve for her this week and she starts to feel a bit more settled.

gruffalo trail mouse thorndon country park

Ethan’s return to school is so far so good. There was a little bit of a blip last week but hopefully that won’t continue. He has already stated horse riding and they have got extra swimming lessons booked in. He is a little confused by our morning routine change but hopefully he will get used to it.

gruffalo trail gruffalo thorndon country park

This months siblings photos were taken at the Gruffalo Trail in Thorndon Country Park. A place we have visited before when Ethan was younger. We have been with Little E too but she probably wouldn’t remember that trip. We visited again as Little E had some summer holiday homework that she was assigned in July. She had to go on a ‘hunt’ and we thought this would be a good experience for her. They both really enjoyed our visit to see the Gruffalo.

gruffalo trail gruffalos child thorndon country park gruffalo trail gruffalos child thorndon country park

I really hope by this time next month we will all be settled into our new school routine. We will be heading into the October half term and I’m sure we will all need a well deserved rest by then. We have a few nice things planned for our siblings as this year comes to a close. I hope that the bond that they had over the summer months stays in place and their time together is now even more precious.

gruffalo trail snake thorndon country park

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