• Autism

    Autism, Car Seats and Crelling Harnesses

    With autism you have to learn to live with the fact that a persons chronological age may not match their developmental age. I find it best to deal with this by not remembering Ethan’s physical age until his birthday. Unfortunately with…

  • Word Of The Week – Exhausted!
    Word Of The Week

    Word Of The Week – Tears

    I won’t lie this week has seen its fair share of Both a mixture of happy and sad. It started on Sunday with Ethan showing me that he really was calling me mummy. I had waited for this moment for so…

  • Ethan

    Ethan Called Me Mummy!

    New Years Eve 2013 Ethan gave us a new word Hello! We couldn’t believe it and we watched and waited and thankfully it stuck around. Ethan’s words are a funny thing. One day he can come out with a new word/vocalization,…

  • Autism

    Autism and Anxiety

    When Ethan was going through the diagnosis process I was often asked if Ethan suffered from anxiety. The answer to this was always no. In-fact it sometimes felt that Ethan took lots of things in his stride, something that shouldn’t supposedly…

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