Ethan Called Me Mummy!

New Years Eve 2013 Ethan gave us a new word Hello! We couldn’t believe it and we watched and waited and thankfully it stuck around.

Ethan’s words are a funny thing. One day he can come out with a new word/vocalization, we heard rainbow the other day, and you will never hear it again. That’s what happens with autism and communication, and you learn to live with it.

If a word sticks that’s fantastic, if the word sticks and it is used in the right context you have won the lottery.

I’m very nervous to blog about this as most things I blog about we lose never to be seen again.

The days after New Year Ethan started saying Mummy or Mammy is the way he says it. It has been once a day since then and said in the right context when I left the room. We did have a mum a few months ago but that was for McDonald’s! So I tried not to get excited.

With our trips on the scooter came lots of Mummy’s. Mostly Bye Mammy as Ethan and Darren scooted past.

I’m keeping everything crossed at this point that this word decides to stick, it’s the word I have longed for. Yesterday Ethan did something that caught me totally off guard.

We have canvas prints on the wall in our front room of our wedding day. We have used them before and Ethan has pointed out Nanny, Grandad and Daddy on them.

Yesterday morning of his own accord Ethan pointed out all four of his grandparents and vocally said his word for Nanny or Grandad. He then went on to point and me and Darren in every picture saying Mummy and Daddy. That was it, it brought tears to my eyes.

He really is calling me Mammy and in context, please don’t let us lose this one. Ethan can finally say my name!
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