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Word Of The Week – Confirmation

With only 30 days until we return to Walt Disney World, fingers crossed, this week has been all about


as I had time this week to confirm some of our bookings. This is the first time I have booked a trip to Walt Disney World completely on my own. We have always booked a package holiday but as we wanted to use our air miles for our flights and tour operators were charging over the odds for the Disney hotels, booking everything ourselves meant we got the best deal. In total we are staying in five hotels during our stay so it was important to me that everyone could find us on their systems.

Special assistance was also something I needed to double-check. When we visited in 2012 it was before Ethan’s diagnosis which meant we couldn’t request this support. Somehow we were able to keep Ethan calm but Ethan is older and more aware now. The immigration into America is my main concern as you can queue for up to two hours whilst they check everyone through. A nine-hour flight and then a two-hour queue isn’t going to be pretty. The first lady I spoke to when we originally booked didn’t really understand Ethan’s needs. She booked our seats on the plane and said I had to contact the airports for anything else. Gatwick airport were helpful as they have implemented an autism programme. This still left my immigration queue concerns.

I have called special assistance a few times and the last lady I spoke to said she would make a note on our booking. When I called to confirm things this week the last lady I had spoken to had actually arranged support through the airport on both sides. I have no idea what this means or consists of I’m just keeping everything crossed whatever it is it will help to reduce Ethan’s potential meltdowns.

I have a few more things to arrange and double-check. I also need to make the time to make Ethan a social story, or visuals of our trip. This visit to Walt Disney World has had more planning than our wedding trip and I can only hope it will contribute to Ethan’s learning.

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  1. I had no idea that you can get extra assistance at airports for travellers with autism. Hopefully it will make travelling a less stressful experience for you all. I hope you have a fantastic time! #wotw

  2. How exciting, it’s such a magical place isn’t it. I hope it all goes smoothly and Ethan has a good experience, it’s great that some assistance has been set up for him at both airports. Have a fabulous holiday x

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