Ethan’s Non-Verbal Reading

For the past few weeks I have felt a bit down because of autism. It’s more a wallow in self pity type of down, but down nonetheless. It’s not that I want to change Ethan, I have always said autism is part of Ethan’s personality that makes him who he is. I just wish that …

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Dear Zoo – Vocalisation

Ethan has always loved books but most of the time he likes to read them to himself. He would babble to himself as he turned the pages. Since Little E’s arrival and our attempt to keep Ethan busy and his attempt to gain our attention, Ethan has showed us that he can vocalise the book …

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Babbling One Year On – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

I wasn’t sure what Small Steps Amazing Achievement I was going to share with you today. Should it be one of Ethan’s milestones or should I look through the recent videos I have taken and share something from there? Inspiration hit when I was reading the post that Premmeditations shared with us last week about Mr Boo …

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I’m keeping everything crossed as I write this post as I’m loving the progress that Ethan has made and I pray that it doesn’t stop as Ethan has babbled before but gone quiet again so…   …Its official Ethan has babbled every day for the past three months!    Its so lovely to hear as …

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