Babbling One Year On – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

I wasn’t sure what Small Steps Amazing Achievement I was going to share with you today. Should it be one of Ethan’s milestones or should I look through the recent videos I have taken and share something from there?

Inspiration hit when I was reading the post that Premmeditations shared with us last week about Mr Boo starting to gain speech. I realised that Ethan has been babbling now for a year and I thought we should mark the occasion.

This is the video I posted last December to celebrate his achievement.

Before this point Ethan was very silent, he would laugh and share moments with us but there was no babbling. In true Ethan fashion he started his new talent in his first ever speech therapy appointment
Since turning three Ethan has also found some words, some that we have lost along the way, but we have a firm favourite ‘Ready, Steady, GO!’

Over this past year we have noticed a real change in Ethan’s babbling, but we still have days when he is silent and not a sound is heard from him. As always I will keep everything crossed that Ethan’s babbling will turn into speech at some point, and one day I will be able to have a conversation, of some sort, with him. 

22 thoughts on “Babbling One Year On – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. I find myself dwelling on Mini’s speech so much-have to remember to celebrate the small stuff and not be constantly comparing her lack of words to her age.
    I have to remember our kids are on their own timeline developmentally speaking, not on anyone elses!
    I share your dreams for a proper conversation with my child-it will happen-when they decide it!

  2. How great that he is improving :)you can definitely hear the ready steady go developing. I really hope you get to have that conversation you’re longing for xx

  3. It’s wonderful Jane 🙂 I know nothing about these kind of things, but it seems to me to be very good progress and a big step in the right direction 🙂 I am keeping my fingers crossed for your conversation. x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you, yes he has come so far over the past year, most of the change has been since I have given up work. I also think the support we have been getting since his diagnosis has really helped.

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