• Siblings March 2020

    Our Siblings During March 2020

    Well, March was the month that everything changed! As a family, we had been watching the spread of the coronavirus since January. March was going to be the month to celebrate my 40th birthday in Disneyland Pairs. Day by day we…

  • Ethan

    Clacton Pavilion – Wild West Horses

    Ethan has always been a thrill seeker and has always loved going on rides. We had to find places to visit that could accommodate both Ethan and a parent on the ride. The Clacton Pavilion Fun Park was one of those…

  • Ethan

    Ethan’s Birthday at the Beach

    We had lots of discussion this year about how we would celebrate Ethan’s birthday. We were unsure if there should be a party with his school friends or if it should be more low-key. During this time we were offered the…

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