ethan little e ahoy me hearty octopus ahoy art trail

Following the Octopus Ahoy! Art Trail

During the last week of August, we had fun following the Octopus Ahoy! Art Trail. Thirty large artist-decorated octopus sculptures took over Tendring and the surrounding areas. We spotted some during our summer holiday beach hut day but we didn’t ‘collect’ them. On the last few days of this year’s summer holiday, we found 29 out of the 30 Octopuses. Using the specially designed app to help locate and check them off the list. The last one was placed in London Liverpool Street. We didn’t get the time to visit him.

Following the Octopus Ahoy Art Trail

Darren took us out every evening for four days collecting them. We started locally in Colchester before going for a walk along the Clacton seafront. Then we went to Harwich before spending an evening at Walton and Frinton. Our last stop was visiting Clacton town centre to complete our Octopus collection. In this post, we share all of the sculptures we found following the Octopus Ahoy! Art Trail.



ethan little e octopirate octopus ahoy art trail

Octopirate’s home was opposite Clacton Pier. The children love his pirate hat and eye patch.


little e ellie octopus ahoy art trail

Ethan was very excited to find Ellie. Her home was outside Clacton’s Princes Theatre.


ethan little e cactopus octopus ahoy art trail

Cactopus was on Clacton Kings Promenade, he is placed next to the beach hut we hired in the summer. The wall behind him had also been painted this year. It was a great way to compliment the Octopus Ahoy! trail.

Octop-Ice Cream

ethan little e octop ice cream octopus ahoy art trail

Octop-Ice Cream was a hit. The children pretended to eat him when they saw him.

Claire Loves Alan

ethan claire loves alan octopus ahoy art trail

Claire Loves Alan also had a home on the promenade.


ethan little e tattootapus octopus ahoy art trail

We found Tattootapus at the start of our promenade walk.

Save Me!

ethan little e save me octopus ahoy art trail

Save Me was in the middle of our promenade walk.


little e picass o pus octopus ahoy art trail

Picass-O-Pus was on the upper part of our promenade walk. Finding him also gave us the chance to explore the gardens.


ethan little e octo brrr octopus ahoy art trail

Octo-Brrr’s home was in Clacton Town Centre near the fountains. Thankfully there weren’t on when we went to take our photo.


ethan little e keef octopus ahoy art trail

Keef’s home was in the train station. I really liked this one as it has a photo of Captain Sir Thomas Moore painted on it.

captain sir thomas moore keef octopus ahoy octopus art trail

Sky Van Der Sea

little e sky van der sea octopus ahoy art trail

Sky Van Der Sea’s home was Wellesley Road.


ethan little e sedna octopus ahoy art trail

We found Sedna outside of Century Cinema. This was my favourite octopus. His design was a mosaic and I thought it was very pretty.

Guardian of the Seas

ethan little e guardian of the seas octopus ahoy art trail

It was a trip to Morrisons to find Guardian of the Seas. Ethan liked this one.


ethan little e octo quest octopus ahoy art trail

Clacton Library was a fitting home for Octo-Quest. His design included being covered with newspaper.



ethan little e vitality octopus ahoy art trail

Vitality was placed outside of The Kingscliff Hotel. We never knew there was a hotel at Holland-on-Sea. We will have to visit in the future it looks like a great place for a meal.


Eight of Spades

ethan little e eight of spades octopus ahoy art trail

Eight of Spades had a home near Walton Pier. Ethan reminded me that we need to visit the pier soon.


Facebook Felines

ethan little e facebook felines octopus ahoy art trail

Connaught Avenue was the home of one of Little E’s favourites. Facebook Felines had lots of cats painted on it and we all know how much Little E loves cats.


ethan little e holly octopus ahoy art trail

Holly was on the Frinton Esplanade one of our favourite places to go for a walk.



ethan little e alien octopus ahoy octopus art trail

We went to Jaywick Brooklands to visit Alien. I love his colouring he was so bright and vivid.

Ahoy Me Hearty!

ethan little e ahoy me hearty octopus ahoy art trail

We walked to Jaywick Kings Promenade from Clacton to visit Ahoy Me Hearty!



ethan little e octavious octopus ahoy art trail

Harwich Low Lighthouse was a new place for us to visit to meet Octavious.


ethan little e camo

We visited Ha’penny Pier when we went on our seal watching trip. This is where our tour started. The children knew where to go to find Camo on this pier.

Octopuss In Boots

ethan little e octopuss in boots

We paid a visit to the Harwich Redoubt Fort to meet Octopuss In Boots. This was another one of Little E’s favourites. We are going to make sure we visit the fort in the future as it looks like a place full of history.

Take Me To The Banksy

ethan little e take me to the banksy

The Pier Hotel was the home of Take Me To The Banksy. We all loved this one it was full of details. The children quickly spotted Mario.


Sailor Buoy

ethan little e sailor buoy

Dovercourt was a new place for us to visit. We quickly spotted Sailor Buoy.



ethan little e mondrianopus

Manningtree was also another new place for us to visit. When we found Mondrianopus we also spotted ice-cream trucks. It would have been rude not to stop for one. We also discovered that Ethan didn’t mind trying a 99. He normally finds ice cream too cold.


Flying High

ethan little e flying high

Flying High was placed at another hotel we didn’t know existed, Milsoms Hotel. It looks like another great place to visit in the future.


Escape, Stay, Explore, Discover

ethan little e escape stay explore discover

Escape, Stay, Explore, Discover’s home was at Colchester North Train Station. He was the first octopus we collected on the app.


Betty The Bathing Octo-Belle

ethan little e betty the bathing octo belle

We often go for walks at Brightlingsea so the children were excited to know which octopus they would find there. Betty The Bathing Octo-Belle was there she was another one of my favourites.

We had great fun following the Octopus Ahoy! Art Trail. I’m sure the children would love to explore an art trail like this again in the future.

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