• Days Out

    Visiting Father Christmas at Colchester Zoo

    Last weekend, as Little E never got to see Father Christmas at Lapland UK due to being asleep, we decided to visit Father Christmas at Colchester Zoo.  We knew it would be busy so we got there as soon as the zoo opened. I joined the queue to see Father Christmas with Little E, whilst Darren took Ethan to the playground to keep him busy.  Thankfully the queue moved quite quickly and it wasn’t long before we were in the grotto.              Ethan wasn’t sure of the grotto at first but he soon enjoyed looking at all of the lights.  It wasn’t long before it…

  • Ethan

    Building Confidence At Soft Play

    I hate Ethan’s anxiety, I hate that it has the possibility of stopping Ethan in his tracks. Stops him from enjoying himself, stops him from wanting to do things. I’m hoping we can work on it, I know this will be a slow process. On Friday we went to the zoo and as we needed to feed Little E we ventured into the soft play. Ethan didn’t want to go in there and kept saying NO. We managed to get Ethan into the building and sat near the baby soft play. I could tell Ethan wanted to go into the soft play but his anxiety was stopping him. So I…

  • Days Out

    GoPro At Colchester Zoo

    Yesterday was a Daddy day so we decided to visit the zoo and make use of our Platinum Passes. We have also treated ourselves to a new gadget and we thought it would be the perfect place to test it out, knowing that it would be quiet there.    We went after lunch so that we didn’t have to worry about making a pit stop to feed Little E. This also meant that we would be able to take part in the Giraffe feed and see the Penguins.  We had a lovely afternoon even with Ethan having some anxiety issues. We even got to say hello to Santa’s reindeer. We…

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