A Cold Morning At Colchester Zoo

In an attempt to help Ethan sleep though the night we thought it was a good idea to get him out of the house on Thursday morning.

After getting everyone ready we were able to leave the house just after 10am. It didn’t take long to arrive at the zoo and the plan was to take Ethan to the soft play but he didn’t want to go. So Darren took Ethan to play on the outdoor play area.


Still not interested in going to the soft play we took Ethan to see the penguins, sea-lions and the orangutan’s, firm favorites and it keeps us at the top end of the zoo.

The orangutan’s were eating their breakfast when we visited them. This means we got to see them up close, they are amazing animals.


Whilst we were there it was time for the sea-lion presentation. This is something we have never seen so we decided to stay and watch it as Ethan was quite happy to stand there and watch for a little while.

Zoo_23 Zoo_24 Zoo_25 Zoo_26

Ethan got very excited when they jumped out of the water, we must try to catch this again. I do love having our zoo passes as we always discover something new each time we go.

After the show it was time to leave as everyone was getting hungry for lunch. It was only a quick visit but we were glad to be home in the afternoon as the day turned really cold.

Ethan was really enjoying his time at the zoo, I would like to say he liked looking at all of the animals but I think he likes going through all of the doors to the enclosures. We will visit again soon so he can have a good walk around ‘looking’ at all of the animals.

8 thoughts on “A Cold Morning At Colchester Zoo”

  1. A trip to the zoo is always perfect to tire a little one out, it looks like Ethan had loads of fun too. It’s great that Ethan enjoys all of your trips to the zoo. I bet getting there when it was feeding time was great, meaning you got to get up close with some of the animals. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      He does love it, so glad we got the passes. We really missed them last year when they expired. I think we renewed them when Little E was just a few weeks old lol

  2. Merlinda Little ( @pixiedusk)

    The sea lion show reminds me of my trip to HK! Sea lions and seals are a playful lot. Looks like a fun trip =) #CountryKids

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      We love Colchester Zoo, we go there as often as we can. The best thing is its not that far from home x

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