Visiting Frinton-on-Sea On New Years Day

We love to visit Frinton-on-sea on New Years Day. It has become one of our traditions. Unfortunately, due to Darren’s shift work, we have been unable to make this visit for the past few years. This year we were determined to visit again.

visiting frinton on sea on new years day ethan

After taking down our Christmas tree in the morning we headed to Frinton-on-Sea in the afternoon. We normally visit beaches in the morning. This is normally the quietest and best time for Ethan. Little did we know that by visiting in the afternoon we would be in for a treat!

visiting frinton on sea on new years day little e

Both children were really excited to visit the beach. Due to Darren’s shift work, we had been stuck in the house during the days after Christmas. My mum did come over one of the days so that we could go for a walk to the park. But those weird days between Christmas and New Year were mostly lazy days for us. I think these were needed as the first full term of school did wear out both Ethan and Little E. As well as me!

visiting frinton on sea on new years day horse riding

This year our visit to Frinton-on-Sea on New Years Day included a special treat. When we were finding a space to park I noticed lots of horse boxes. I didn’t really think anything of it. It is a common practice for people to take their horses there to ride but we had never seen it in person.

visiting frinton on sea on new years day horse

As we approached the beach we could see lots of horses and their riders. It was a great sight and one that Ethan was really excited by. I love horses and my dream is to ride one on a beach. I have actually been lucky enough to do it once on a holiday but I would love to do it again. Darren isn’t really into the idea of horse riding. I think he would need some persuading. I took some video of our time at Frinton-on-sea which you can see below.

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