We Finally Visited Mersea Island

We have lived in our house since Ethan was eighteen months old. Surprisingly we have never really had the time to explore the local areas. Mersea Island has been on our radar for a while. It has been recommended to us as a place we should visit. Finally this week we were able to make our way there.

We knew through friends that to visit Mersea Island you have to check the tide times. There is only one road onto the island and at high tide the road can become flooded. I thought this is something that happened everyday, but I have discovered that it is normally for one week every month. It is still better to be safe than sorry so we picked a day when the low tide was later in the day.

Our plan was to visit Mersea Island before the summer holidays without Ethan. This is because if we are unsure where we are going Ethan will become distressed. This will easily result in a meltdown. This didn’t happen due to a busy July so we just decided to just hope for the best. This wasn’t the best plan as Ethan did get distressed. We thankfully found a car park before we had too many tears.

The car park that stopped the tears was close to the beach. Ethan was soon his happy self again running around on the sand.

mersea island beach mersea island beach

We walked along the beach and we soon found the famous pastel beach huts. The children were in their element. They did put up with my requests to take photos of them with the beach huts.

mersea island pastel beachhuts mersea island pink beachhut mersea island green beachhut mersea island purple beachhut

After a long walk along the beach we spent some time at a little play park that we found. Ethan had soon had enough so we had to leave but we were able to drive through the village to look around. We saw little coffee shops and we vowed to return when the children are at school to look around. We now know that East Mersea is home to a new playground that we need to explore. Hopefully we can visit again before the summer ends.

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10 thoughts on “We Finally Visited Mersea Island”

  1. I love finding new places close to home, it is always an advantage when you don’t have to travel too far. This looks lovely and I’m just mad about the little beach huts. they always make such amazing photos and your two really did oblige you with some lovely ones. I’m so pleased it worked out for Ethan despite being somewhere he had never been before. Make sure you manage that return visit and a stop at the coffee shop!

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  2. Aw we were near Mersea Island recently on our little Essex trip! If I’d have known it was this pretty I’d have gone – love the beach huts, so colourful. Have you seen the ones at Walton on the Naze?

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