• Ethan

    Ethan’s First Sports Day

    Last Thursday was Ethan’s sports day at nursery, his very first sports day. It was a day I was looking forward too, and Darren was even able to book the day off to watch this milestone. The children were split into…

  • Autism

    The Special Needs Dentist

    Ethan’s teeth are a major worry for me. After finally letting us put a toothbrush up to his mouth with some toothpaste on it last April this is where our progress has halted. His sensory issues with his mouth isn’t letting…

  • Ethan

    Garden Time!

    Over the winter our garage had turned into a bit of a dumping ground. This meant that without climbing and heavy lifting I could not get to any of Ethan’s garden toys. Darren had a holiday day from work last week…

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