Garden Time!

Over the winter our garage had turned into a bit of a dumping ground. This meant that without climbing and heavy lifting I could not get to any of Ethan’s garden toys. Darren had a holiday day from work last week so I asked him to sort out the garage and start operation get the house ready for our new arrival. It took him all day, but I can now get to all of Ethan’s toys and for Ethan to enjoy the garden he needs to have something to do. In the summer we can do water play, but the weather isn’t quite ready for that yet. 

This has come at the perfect time for us as Ethan has decided that he no longer likes his iPad. There is a positive and negative in this. The positive being that I was worried we were losing Ethan to the iPad. The negative being that we used the iPad to keep Ethan still and safe. Without it Ethan turns into a climber for his sensory needs and the feedback that he requires, but this is dangerous as he has no fear. We have already had two incidents this week that I would rather not repeat! 

So this week we have been breaking up our non-nursery days with either garden times or going for walks. 

Ethan has had fun learning how to use his new garden toy. Nanny and Grandad treated him to this quad bike in the sales. He hasn’t quite worked out that the pedal makes it go, so we have to give Ethan lots of support to get it to work. He loves it when it drives forward. 

Ethan has also had fun jumping. He is now used to the bigger trampolines that he uses in BounceAbility so we have to make sure he doesn’t go too mad and fall off.
Ethan also took his Little Tikes car for a drive, well I pushed him around on the grass for a bit. This made me realise how much he has grown since last summer as his legs are getting too long for the car.

5 thoughts on “Garden Time!”

  1. Gorgeous happy photos of lovely garden fun with some wonderful toys! Here’s to more sunny days and time spent having fun in the sunshine with some water play too. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. Awww, it looks like your little boy has loved having easy access to all of his outdoor toys! I am so happy to find your blog via country kids. I have noticed you got married at Disney world which sounds amazing! I love Disney and have been a couple of times now, so I can tell I am going to like visiting here. New follower. 🙂

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