Our Snow Day 2017

On the second weekend of December it snowed! We didn’t wake up to a winter wonderland but it started to snow as we were eating our breakfast. The question is would it settle? Would we be lucky enough to have a snow day? The last time that we had snow that officially settled was when

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Last week we experienced quite a lot of snow fall but we watched it from our windows. Every time it snowed I found myself wishing it would settle. It just proves how much having children changes you because before children just the mention of the word snow would fill me with dread. Snow meant travel

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Ethan’s No Snow Baby!

We woke up again this morning with NO SNOW! Well not enough to build a snowman but ironically as I write this post we now have enough snow in the garden to build one but its a work day tomorrow so we will miss out on all the fun.  We did get a chance to show

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Snow, What Snow!

Yesterday I spent the day praying that the snow wouldn’t start until Darren was safely home and I went to bed excited that today we would be able to build a snowman in the garden. I woke up disappointed  we must be the only people in England that have no snow! So as I feel like

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