Snow, What Snow!

Yesterday I spent the day praying that the snow wouldn’t start until Darren was safely home and I went to bed excited that today we would be able to build a snowman in the garden. I woke up disappointed  we must be the only people in England that have no snow!

So as I feel like I’m the only one who can’t share their snow day pictures I thought I would re-cap last years snow day which was Ethan’s first real experience of snow. 

We awoke last February to a winter wonderland. We got dressed as quickly as possible so that we could take Ethan out into the snow before all the big kids came out to play, we were out just after 8am. 

Clothes wise we weren’t really prepared for Ethan to experience snow. At that point none of us owned any welly boots so we layered him up as much as possible to prepare him for the cold. We did have gloves for him but he wouldn’t let us put them on his hands. 

As you can see from the look on his face he really wasn’t impressed and didn’t want to touch the snow.


We took him for a quick walk along the river to take some photos of the snowy landscape. 




We wasn’t out long and Ethan was glad when we went back inside. 


I’m hoping that we might be lucky and get some snow tomorrow but at the same time if that happens I hope it then melts away on Sunday night so we have a safe commute on Monday morning. 
Snow is fun, but its much more fun at a weekend when you can stay at home!

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