Teddy Goes For A Swim Book Review

Little E has a teddy that she is very attached to. It’s a pink musical seahorse. We actually have three. The extra two were brought as an emergency backup. The thing is Little E knows that they are different. When I have wanted to use them to swap with the original one she knows they are not her seahorse. This doesn’t help me when seahorse needs to be freshened up a bit. To overcome the issue of being separated from a favorite toy when it needs a wash Belling have published a book called Teddy Goes For A Swim. Little E was sent a copy of the story to help her understand when her seahorse needs a clean.

teddy goes for a swim book review

Teddy Goes For A Swim

Teddy Goes For A Swim is a book written by Adrian Johnson and illustrated by Steve Smallman. The book tells the story of a boy and his favorite cuddly toy, Billy the bear. They have lots of adventures together and sometimes get a bit muddy. Belling hope that this story will show that it’s okay for Billy the bear to be washed. That it will also be okay for your child’s toy to be washed.

teddy goes for a swim

What Little E Loves About the Book

Little E has really attached herself to this book. I think she is drawn to Billy the bear. She loves me reading the story to her and she loves looking at the illustrations of the adventures. This book has also gone on adventures with her. It has been taken to visit nanny a few times. She has also ‘read’ the story to me. Belling have included an important message in the story that washing machines are not for children, only clothes and soft toys. When she read me back her version she also mentioned this point. It must have stuck in her mind which is exactly what you want.

teddy goes for a swimteddy goes for a swimteddy goes for a swim

What I Love About The Book

I love that the story is easy to read and includes the warning about the washing machine. The book is also very child friendly. It’s a book that is meant to be loved just as much as a special toy. On the front page there is a place to write your child’s name and also the name of their favourite cuddly toy.

teddy goes for a swim

On the back page there is also a drawing of Billy the bear for your child to colour in.

teddy goes for a swim

I think the illustrations are beautifully drawn and the heartwarming story has really helped Little E to understand that sometimes seahorse will have to go for a swim.

teddy goes for a swim teddy goes for a swim

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the book Teddy Goes For A Swim for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the product.

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