The Disney Café at Harrods

Back in March we decided to be brave and make a family trip into London. We visited both The National History and Science Museums.

As with all of our days out we have to plan all of the details, food being a very important factor. Ethan has a very limited diet, and he is showing more anxiety in crowds and with queuing so we really have to think about options that are the most stress-free for all of us.

The lovely Tas from Not My Year Off had mentioned that they had visited The Disney Café at Harrods on a weekend visit to London. She mentioned some very magic words, it was quiet, and I knew I had to look into this option. Not to mention my love of all things Disney!

I was able to download the menus from the Harrods website and discovered there was the option of pasta and burgers, something that I knew Ethan would eat. The prices of the drinks did seem very expensive but I thought the mains were fairly priced for London. Being that it was only a walk away from the museums and all of the reviews I saw mentioned it was quiet I knew it would be the perfect place for our little superstar.

After our day out we made our way to Harrods and The Disney Café. It was about 6pm on a Thursday evening and there were only two other families there.


When we were seated they asked us what we would like to drink. I asked if we could have some tap water, wondering how they would react to this request, and it wasn’t a problem. We were each given a glass of requested water. We did order a coke and an orange too and the charge for those two drinks alone was £10 so if you all order drinks it does really add to the cost of your bill.

Between us we ordered the pasta, mini burgers and side orders of chips. The food really was amazing and the portion sizes were a lot bigger than we were expecting, we couldn’t finish the pasta meals.

Ethan did have a meltdown because of hunger and having to wait for his food to cool, but being so quiet this wasn’t an issue. We also didn’t feel stressed about it happening as no one batted an eyelid.

The theming of The Disney Café is typical Disney and our Little Lady really enjoyed her visit.


We were even given a gift as the film Cinderella was being released that week.


The Disney Café at Harrods really is a fantastic find, I would happily eat here again. Asking for water does help to keep your bill low and its a nice place to retreat after a busy London day.

2 thoughts on “The Disney Café at Harrods”

  1. We love this place and it was another fellow Twitterer that recommended it. It’s SO good isn’t it? Z got given some Mickey ears from Fantasia and he actually ate all his food too 🙂 I’d definitely go back again. Glad you all enjoyed it!

  2. What a great discovery – and it looks so cute! But wow £10 for two drinks – water is definitely the way to go!

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