The Dragon’s Apprentice

This week I thought I would write about Ethan’s magic moment of the week as I’m sure he would want to share it with you all. 
This past weekend with a little magic from Merlin’s Magic Wand we were able to take Ethan to Legoland Windsor. We did take Ethan to legoland for his second birthday, yet to be blogged about!, so we knew it would be an enjoyable day out for all of us. 
This real difference with this trip was that Ethan now has a diagnosis so he was issued with a Rides Access Pass, and he is now over 0.9 meters in height so can go on more rides. 
Regular readers will have noticed that our little Ethan is quite an adrenaline junkie, the more it spins, the faster it goes, the wetter he gets, the more he laughs. This also means that he engages with us so much more as I can only assume he wants to share the moment with us. 
Knowing that Ethan was now the correct height for The Dragon’s Apprentice it was on our must ride list. 
As Ethan is getting older his concept of waiting for things has to be worked on so every time we boarded a ride we would get frustrated crying, and even Ethan shouting ‘Ready, Steady, GO!’ hoping that this would make the ride start. Thankfully all traces of tears melted away as soon as the ride moved. 
Ethan laughed his head off all through this ride, it was contagious, Darren spent the whole ride facing the wrong way just so he could watch his reaction. 
Needles to say we had to purchase the ride photo to capture this moment. 



7 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Apprentice”

  1. What a wonderful post Jane, Ethan looks so happy! What an absolute star! It’s a fabulous place Legoland too, you must have all had the best time there. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  2. So lovely! I can imagine it must be hard for him to understand the waiting when he’s ready. It must be really great to have him engage with you so much while on these rides, something to hold on to in the years ahead.

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