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Three Things That Are Worth The Price Tag When Wedding Planning

When it comes to planning your dream wedding day, your number one focus should be on celebrating the undeniable love you share for your partner. In short, it should be an incredibly exciting time! 

However, for many, wedding planning can quickly become a nightmare, especially when it comes to finding the money to pay for your big day. After all, studies suggest that the average wedding in the UK now costs over £20,000 – money which many people simply do not have lying around.

That is not to say, of course, that you cannot have the day of your dreams. There are plenty of ways in which you can make your budget work for you. For example, you could rely on the skills of your friends and family, as opposed to hiring caterers or florists. 

However, there are also some wedding expenses that will always be worth the price tag, even if that means that you need to save up for a little longer in order to be able to cover them!

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With that in mind, here are three things that are worth the price tag when planning a wedding.

The Wedding Venue 

Whether you’ve dreamed of a fairytale wedding taking place in a castle or historic building, or you’re on the lookout for something a little more chic, your wedding venue is one of the biggest expenses you’ll face when planning a wedding. However, it’s also one of the most worthwhile. After all, finding your dream wedding venue will help you make magical memories that last forever while also ensuring that you cater to your exact guest list without having to make any adjustments. 

In addition to this, finding the right venue also means that you’ll have the perfect backdrop to all photos and videos taken throughout the day (or into the night), which brings us to our second necessary expense – the photographer.

The Photographer

While we’re all now prone to grabbing our phones and snapping pictures during a special occasion,  the truth is that the photographs taken by our friends and family (unless they happen to be photographers) will simply not be as good as those taken by a pro! 

You’ll want the memories of your wedding to last a lifetime, and having a skilled professional in place to take photos can help with this regard. So to can hiring a videographer! You can sometimes save a little money on this expense by booking as far in advance as possible. 

The Dress

When thinking about your big day, you’ll likely envision yourself in a specific style of dress – whether that be something sleek, elegant and modern or a more traditional bridal style. Either way, it’s something that most women dream about from an early age, which means it’s something that you should not feel as though you have to give up on in order to enjoy your big day! 

While this is not the kind of clothing investment that you can wear for years to come (unless you want to look extra fancy when washing the dishes), it remains a worthwhile expense when you consider just how special it makes you feel. Plus, you could always sell it after the fact!

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post.

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