Today We Celebrate Our Eleventh Anniversary

Today We Celebrate Our Eleventh Anniversary

I can’t believe that is was eleven years ago today that we became husband and wife. Our wedding day was easily one of the best days of my life. As I had my dream Disney Wedding and I really was a princess for the day. We rarely celebrate our anniversary, and if we do it is rarely on the day. Our eleventh anniversary will be no different. We did celebrate our ninth anniversary with a trip to London for Beauty and the Beast afternoon tea. And our 2017 Walt Disney World visit was an early celebration for our tenth anniversary.

jane darren cinderellas carriage disneys wedding pavilion

At the end of August, we are taking the children on a surprise adventure and that is where we will celebrate our anniversary this year. The children have no idea about our upcoming trip and I still can’t believe it is happening.

jane bride window disneys grand floridian

We have had lots of challenges through our married life. The past year wanted to put us to the test too. There were job changes that meant a big change of routine. Also family changes of routine with both children now being at school. We have come through it all and I feel like we are in a good place.

jane darren bride groom cinderella fountain magic kingdom

The school run has helped my confidence and I’m feeling positive that we will cope with the challenges that the summer holiday brings. I’m looking forward to the next year. I’m also looking forward to our upcoming adventure, I’m sure we will need some recharging time too.

jane darren first dance our eleventh anniversary

Tonight we will light our unity candle to mark the hour that we said our vows. This will be on UK time but our hearts will be on Florida time. I’m hoping that at some point during the day we will be able to watch our wedding video with the children. We took them to the Wedding Pavilion to show them where we got married but I don’t think they really understood the concept. We will, of course, discuss when we will return to Walt Disney World next. There is always a place for it in our travelling plans but we have our sights of a few other destinations first. Adventure awaits!

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