Our Toddler A Budding Artist

Little E has taken a real shine to drawing. I say drawing, as she is a toddler it has been mostly drawing lines and circles. It also looked like Little E was starting to attempt to draw faces. Over the Christmas holiday Little E suddenly turned into a budding artist. She loves Incy Wincy Spider and her toddler doodles started to turn into spiders.

toddler spider drawing

Some of her spiders even wore boots. She was very excited to point out the boots she had added onto the spiders legs.

When Little E returned to nursery after the Christmas holidays they were very excited to show us one of her drawings. Little E had decided she wanted to draw her family.

toddler drawing family

The nursery workers were very excited that Little E had decided to use a different colour to represent me and they said that her drawing had amazing detail.

Being that we have walked a very different path with Ethan’s developmental stages I was unsure about how excited I should be about this milestone for Little E. I was told that this skill could be seen as ahead for her age. Ahead is not a word we are used too and it is amazing to hear.

Little E’s family portrait has taken pride of place on the fridge. I do love that she has included all of us in her drawing. I do wonder if she will extend her drawing of her family to also include herself.

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  1. We are also having similar situations with our daughter aged 2 (birthday was just before Christmas) but she’s so further developed than son was. It’s both exciting and sad. Enjoy the achievements and try not to compare.

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