Top 5 Ways to Have an Authentic Spanish Experience

One of the main reasons to vacation in a different country is to have an authentic experience that is different to your life back home and Spain is the perfect place to do this. An authentic experience is particularly important when you have kids as this can open their eyes to new cultures and broaden their horizons. With this in mind, here are 5 ways to have an authentic Spanish holiday.

Top 5 Ways to Have an Authentic spanish Experience

Eat How the Locals Do

Food is an integral part of culture and especially in Spain. Tapas, in particular, is a speciality that the locals indulge in and a must-try during your family vacation. You may have had tapas at home, but it will not be anywhere near the same as the tapas here – in addition to the tantalising food, this involves drinking and socializing in a friendly and welcoming setting.

Key Historical Sites

In order to understand a country you need to know its history. There are many important historical sites found throughout Spain which can be fascinating and enjoyable to discover. Places such as Montgri Castle and the Ruins of Empuries.


Spain is a country with a distinctive, world-famous culture which includes a superb arts scene, fashion, music and sports. Make sure that your family holiday involves immersing yourself in this culture – be sure to look out for tickets to any big events or local festivals.

Soak Up the Sun

Of course, one of the major selling points for vacationing in Spain is the gorgeous climate and the locals certainly know how to make the most of it. Do as they do and head to the beaches of areas like Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and Costa Verde where you can flop on the beach while the kids splash around in the sea. Self-catering family holidays to Spain are popular around here so you should be able to find suitable and affordable holiday homes in the area.

Explore Natural Surroundings

Spain is also a country of outstanding natural beauty and no trip here is complete without exploring this. Places like Costa Verde, in particular, are beautiful with imposing mountain ranges, deep caves, vast green spaces and a stunning coastline. Nature lovers will feel at home here whether they are exploring on foot, cycling or simply taking in the views.

These activities will provide you and your family with an authentic and highly enjoyable vacation to Spain which will showcase what is so great about this lovely European country.

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