Trying To Ease The Starting School Upset

The last few weeks have been hard on Little E. She started school just over two weeks ago and it has caused her some upset. We were taken by surprise as she didn’t really get upset when she said goodbye to her nursery. Her first day of school went really well too and she was happy to go into her class. The starting school upset started on her second day. She cried for a full hour before we left for school. The tears were part of our routine for that first week.

little e first day school

I was desperate to make her feel happier so I decided that I would draw little hearts on both of our arms. I had seen other bloggers use this with their children and it had positive results. They had drawn hearts on their children’s hands but I thought being on our arms they would be less likely to wash off.

When I discussed my plan with Little E she didn’t want a heart she wanted a cat. She is obsessed with cats so I was happy to do anything that would make her feel more comfortable. Everyday for the past week or so we have been drawing cats on each others arms. Little E thinks her cat will keep her safe and she also thinks it’s a way for her to talk to me in the day.

little e Starting School Upset matching cats

Our cats have proved helpful but Little E can still easily burst into tears. She is very nervous about the play times and the amount of children in the playground. I’m having to be strong and I’m telling her that she will get used to it. She also doesn’t like that the children don’t know her name yet. I have told her this will take time.

I fell terrible knowing that Little E isn’t completely happy at school at the moment. This isn’t how I wanted her school journey to start. I think this will continue to be a tough few weeks for her as she adjusts to the changes. I never thought I would say this but I’m really looking forward to the October half term.

2 thoughts on “Trying To Ease The Starting School Upset”

  1. I think that’s a lovely idea, I’m glad it’s helping. My friend’s daughter has just started and her biggest trigger is playtime, too, with loads of kids rushing about. At my kids’ school, the Reception kids have their own little play area until a couple of terms in, which I think makes a big difference as I know my son would have hated that, too. I’m sure once she forms her friendships it’ll get easier for her x

  2. The playground can be a noisy, intimidating environment.. and the kids can be put off by it too 😀 But seriously, as a dinner lady I am often having to console little ones who want Mummy or Daddy, they do settle though, some take a bit longer. I have little friends who hold my hand out on the playground, sometimes there is colouring for them to do, some children bring their own colouring stuff, though obviously that’s up to the school. Maybe have a word with the teacher, is there a quieter corner she can go and play in with a friend?

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