Visiting the Dentist with Monkey Wellbeing

Ethan was sent a Monkey Wellbeing book before I had my c-section in the hope that it would get him used to the hospital environment. We reviewed Monkey Wellbeing – Monkey Has An Operation and even though Little E’s delivery day didn’t quite go to plan, when Ethan visited the hospital he took it all in his stride.

This year at BritMums Live I got to meet the lovely lady behind Monkey Wellbeing and we talked about how the Monkey Wellbeing series is a fantastic visual for all children. She told me that they were working on a dentist book and I told her how going to the dentist is such a struggle for us. So she arranged to send us a copy of Monkey’s Family Visit the Dentist, it arrived at the beginning of September and tied in perfectly for a visit to the Special Needs Dentist last week.


We were also sent a Monkey puppet to accompany the book.


In the days running up to our Special Needs Dentist appointment I read the book to Ethan and asked him to look at Monkeys teeth. He embraced the Monkey puppet and vocalised to the puppet about looking at his teeth.

Ethan has so many issues with the dentist that we have to overcome but we are working on a few things at the moment. Trying to get him into the dentist chair, trying to let the dentist near him to look in his mouth and to try to let the dentist use the mirror tool to look in his mouth.

I made sure that I showed Ethan the pages that included the chair and the dentist looking in the little girls mouth.

MonkeyWellbeing_Dentist_21 MonkeyWellbeing_Dentist_22 MonkeyWellbeing_Dentist_23MonkeyWellbeing_Dentist_25

I would ask Ethan to show me his teeth and to open his mouth. We even asked the Monkey puppet to do the same.

On the day of Ethan’s dentist appointment last week I took the book and the puppet with us. I gave Ethan the book to read in the waiting room and kept talking to him about how Monkey is going to see the dentist.


I’m pleased to say that this appointment was our best dentist appointment ever. We didn’t get Ethan anywhere near the dentist chair but he was happy to let the dentist come near him. She has able to get Ethan to open his mouth and he even let her touch the sides of his face whilst she tried to get a good look at his teeth.

This went on for quite a few minutes and there wasn’t any screaming of any kind from Ethan. It was a stress free appointment. We of course have to get him into the dentist chair and get some of the tools near his mouth buts it’s a step in the right direction.

We have another two sensory appointments booked and we are booked in to see the dentist again in January. I’m hoping Monkey Wellbeing will help Ethan progress over the next few months.

DISCLAIMER – We were gifted a copy of Monkey’s Family Visit the Dentist for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, finding, beliefs and experiences of products.

17 thoughts on “Visiting the Dentist with Monkey Wellbeing”

  1. What a great idea and it certainly looks like it worked. Good luck with your next appointment. We attend the regular dentist but Mario has been going with us since he was small and had a ride int he chair long before he needed to. When he was little the dentist started with just counting his teeth after mummies appointment. I think when he saw that we were OK with it then he was too. And starting very slowly, step by step helped. I wish we’d had the book too, that looks great, anything visual! #SSAmazingAchievements

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      The dentist has been a real work in progress for Ethan. He has always had huge sensory issues with his mouth, not helped by doctors when he was younger. Fingers crossed we are getting there slowly x

  2. Isn’t it amazing how with some prep, a book and empathy and understanding through the Monkey puppet your appointment can be so stress free. I think the Monkey puppet & book could be useful for so many; for a long time my boy wouldn’t open his mouth at the dentist. He’s sit in the chair but then freeze. This is such a good idea and well done you & Ethan – what a great achievement!

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you. I really think they are a good idea for all. If I had guides like that I wouldn’t get so stressed over my appointment either ;0) x

  3. What a great idea for a book series. These would have been so useful when D was in and out of hospital with febrile convulsions and they would possibly have helped with injection time.
    It’s good news that every appointment is getting easier for E.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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