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Visiting The SEH BAC Centre of Excellence Colchester // AD

In September 2017 I was invited to the grand opening of the SEH BAC Centre of Excellence in Colchester. We often talk about extending our home and my visit to the double glazing showroom in Colchester showed me some examples of how this could be achieved. I vowed I would take Darren there but we haven’t had the chance to visit since.

Visiting The SEH BAC Centre of Excellence Colchester

Over the next few months, there could be a potential change in our situation that means we could be ready to think about big home improvements. SEH BAC invited us to their Colchester showroom again so that we can talk through our home improvement options. Darren is excited about the prospect that we can now start thinking about updating and redecorating our home. Including the possibility of more space!

The SEH BAC Centre of Excellence Colchester

seh bac showroom colchester centre excellence sign

When you visit an SEH BAC showroom you are there because you are interested in purchasing either a conservatory, new windows or a new entrance door. The Centre of Excellence in Colchester proudly displays the SEH BAC Company mission statement by the products it houses.

SEH BAC believes that it is all in the details.

In this day and age, you can customize anything and everything to make it personal to you. Why can’t you do the same with your home? Surely it is important to have many options available to you when making big home improvements?

Conservatories and Extensions

In the Colchester showroom, there are four examples of adding an extra room to your home. Each has a different example of a glazed roof. The difference with the SEH BAC showroom is that there are stairs at the side of each extension offering you a viewpoint of the top of each roof.

conservatory examples seh bac colchester showroom

There is a cross-section of one of the roof types so that you can see the inside and how it is constructed.    

conservatory roof build example seh bac colchester showroom
conservatory roof seh bac colchester showroom

Glass Advice Centre

There is also a Glass Advice Centre in the showroom. This centre displays examples of the glass you can use in a conservatory roof and how it will react to the sun and heat. There are also examples of blinds built into the windows, as well as different styles of opaque glass available.

opaque glass samples seh bac showroom colchester centre excellence
glass examples seh bac showroom colchester centre excellence

Windows and Doors

In the SEH BAC Colchester showroom, there is a great display of windows and doors. These displays show you the many options available for safety, security, and the hardware and furniture that can be used.

entrance door seh bac centre excellence colchester

Every option for windows and doors can be customised and adjusted to a budget that suits you and your home’s needs. For entrance doors, you can choose the material and its colour. Glazing options for any door windows and there are also hardware options. This includes the door handles, letter plates, doorknockers, and hinges.

doorknockers seh bac centre excellence colchester

For windows, there is the option of double and triple glazing. How you would like the windows to open and close. For example, the house age and style might mean that you want to look into buying new sash windows. You can even look into the frame detailing. As with entrance doors, you can also choose the colour of the window frames you require. If requiring opaque glass for a window the Glass Advice Centre displays the available options.

What Did I Take Away From Our Visit To The SEH BAC Centre of Excellence Colchester?

I was always worried about how adding a conservatory would work for our home. We have a drain in our garden that would be in the way. I was also unsure of how you would finance a big project like this. We were talked through all of the options available to us in these situations. It has made us feel that our conservatory dream is getting closer.

silver window handle

I love that SEH BAC give you so many design options and they really do believe that it is all in the details. We also want to upgrade our entrance door and we love the options available to us. We have already picked out the entrance door that we like and we are now waiting for the time we can improve our home.

window colour choices

The staff at SEH BAC are all very polite and helpful. They put no pressure on you to make a sale. They are selling you a design to improve your home. It isn’t just selling windows and doors for them. They are selling a style for your home and they want to make sure that you are happy with all the choices they can offer you. I can’t wait for our future visit when we can finally put our home improvement plans into action.

silver doorknocker

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post with SEH BAC.      

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