Walt Disney World – Day 1 – Magic Kingdom – Tomorrowland

After saying our first hello to Mickey Mouse it was time to take Ethan to TOMORROWLAND so that we could take him for a spin on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Ethan loves to spin so we thought this would be a nice way to ease him into the rides, also if you count when I was pregnant he has also experienced this ride in Disneyland Paris!
We stopped for another picture in front of the castle and whilst we were walking towards TOMORROWLAND another photopass photographer saw our photopass plus card and started to take some candid shots of us.



I also took some snaps as the boys walked ahead.
We then made our way to see Buzz. I’m normally brilliant at this game but I was holding Ethan on my lap so I’m ashamed to say that Darren beat my score! Ethan enjoyed this ride and as predicted loved the spinning! We didn’t bother getting the ride photo as you couldn’t see Ethan’s face as it was hidden by my blaster. 



After our ‘spin’ we made our way to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover. This was a first for both me and Darren as we have never been on it on previous visits. It was a nice way to see some of the park and it was actually faster than expected in some sections.





After our enjoyable little break we then made our way to another first for us all Dumbo…

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