autism and the individual education plan update

Autism and the Individual Education Plan Update

Ethan’s nursery is starting the process of setting up an IEP (Individual Education Plan) for him. This is the first plan that has been put in place for him. Ethan was given a copy to bring home. I then have to sign the paperwork to say that we are happy with the objectives they have set for Ethan.

autism and the individual education plan update

At the moment Ethan’s Individual Education Plan has two long term objectives for him to work on. They want to work on Ethan using his index finger. This is in the hope that in the future he will be able to point to things. The aim is so that he can then show us what he wants and build on his communication skills. They also want to engage Ethan in some simple pretend play. The Individual Education Plan lists the strategies they are going to use to help encourage Ethan’s development in these areas.

The nursery has also started a ‘to and fro’ book. This is a book they will use to communicate with us. A place where they can keep us posted on how Ethan does in each nursery session. We can use it to ask any questions or voice any concerns we may have. It also means I can tell the nursery what we are working on with Ethan at home. The aim is that they can also continue this in the nursery setting.

We see this as a positive step forward in Ethan’s development. We are so happy that we picked this nursery for Ethan to start his education. 

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