Walt Disney World – Day 4 – EPCOT – The Seas With Nemo!

After saying hello to Mickey and the gang we headed over to The Seas With Nemo and Friends. I love this ride, I could quite happily go on this over and over again but sadly we only got to go on it once during our stay.

We tried to have some photos taken with the Nemo characters before going on this ride but Ethan was too busy and didn’t want to pose for any photos so we quickly made our way onto the ride as there were only a few people headed in this direction.





I think Ethan enjoyed this ride as he sat really well in the middle of us on our clam shell journey. 
When we came out the seas section was nice and quiet and we finally got to have our photo taken in the shark, another first for us, and a kind man took a photo of all three of us. 



We then thought we would attempt Turtle Talk, there was a fifteen minute wait for the next show but Ethan was kept busy watching all the fish in the waiting area. 




Getting Ethan to sit down to watch the show was a challenge as he just wanted to keep walking and the children are meant to sit in a certain area. Thankfully the cast members said if he wants to move around then it is fine, we didn’t really like this idea and were able to grab a front row seat and somehow Darren kept Ethan near us by locking his legs round him. So we survived Turtle Talk but agreed that Ethan just wasn’t ready for this type of attraction!
When we came out we took Ethan to see the other big tanks of fish, I also wanted to point out the dolphins that they normally have there as we decided against trying to get to Sea World but we couldn’t see them. I’m not sure if they had been removed or we just couldn’t see them for looking!



I have no idea how long we stayed in this area but we were in there for quite a while as Ethan loves watching all the fish and we didn’t want to rush him but when we thought we were ready we left to make our way to see Figment


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