Christmas 2012 – Ethan’s Third Christmas

Well Christmas has been and gone and I have just finished going through the photos that we took on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day. As normal I didn’t get that many good photos of us as a family or at the dinner table etc. but there are lots of Ethan opening gifts, I do always say this every year but I must remember to try to take some posed photos of the family, preferably with me in some of them! 

So the main question everyone asks is “Did we have a good Christmas?” and to be honest I don’t know how to answer that question because I feel like I’m treading water until our January appointments and I feel like that is what consumes my every thought at the moment but I do know that Ethan enjoyed himself and we spent the holidays with family and friends and that it what is important.

My main wish this year was that we spent Christmas day in our own home as it was our first official Christmas here which is what we did and my second wish was for Ethan to have some understanding of what was going on. I don’t think he did really understand the concept of the gifts from Santa under the tree and didn’t get excited because of that fact but as my parents keep saying he is only two and a half. He did love all of his new toys, some more than we expected him too so that was fantastic, now we just need to find space to put all of his new things! 

Gift opening in our house is done in stages and can quite easily take all day. There are two reasons for this 

  1. Ethan doesn’t understand wrapped gifts and we have to open the gifts for him, taking the time to grab his attention so that he looks at what is going on. 
  2. When the gift in question is opened if it makes any kind of noise or has flashing lights or buttons we loose Ethan for a while whilst he works out what every button does and how to make every kind of possible noise. He normally does this in a few minutes but he will then want to play with this gift and won’t be interested in anything else. If we know what is in his gifts we have actually started to work out tactics on what order they should be opened! 
I’m sure that other parents dream for their children to take their time to open the gifts on Christmas day so that it isn’t all over in ten minutes flat so this isn’t something I will complain about!
Below are Ethan’s highlights in pictures for you all to enjoy, he wasn’t sure of all the gifts under the tree when he woke up in the morning so it took a little while to coax him into the living room…  






We wasn’t expecting Ethan to like this but it was a hit!












Ethan loved this box more than the game!


Ethan’s last gift and he helped Daddy open it!




Ethan enjoying making lots of noise.


We hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and had as much fun as Ethan did. 

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