Feeding The Ducks With Daddy!

Last Sunday we had friends over for a catch up and whilst us girlie’s sat on the sofa drinking tea and discussing all the important things in life the boys decided they would brave the wet weather and take Ethan to feed the ducks.

Now I must admit that I am yet to do this with Ethan and considering how close we live to the river and the ducks that is a terrible fact to admit and something I must put down on my list of things to do on my Ethan days. Well we did try to feed the ducks once but we wasn’t really in the best location to do this and only two ducks appeared but Darren has since found the prime duck feeding spot. 

So off they set taking pictures for us to see on their return…

… I am quite shocked about how close the swans came for the bread and I don’t think I would have been that brave to have Ethan so close and I know what my mum will be saying after she reads this post, so it was probably quite a good thing I wasn’t there! 
According to the boys Ethan did in-fact throw some bread for the ducks which is fantastic being as this is only the second time he has ever fed the ducks. 
So more duck feeding days will be planned in the future…

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