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Babies are expensive! Well babies aren’t, it’s the items you need for them that make having a baby expensive. Even though Little E is our second baby there are so many items that we have brought brand new that really didn’t have that much wear or tear.

We should have looked into buying pre-loved items, but this can sometimes be very daunting with all the different selling sites available to you now.

There are many items we should have purchased pre-loved but my top three are:

The Snow Suit


With days out planned in the winter months we knew we wanted a snow suit to keep Little E warm. We purchased this snow suit a few months before we officially needed it, as we didn’t want them to go out of stock. Little E wore this snow suit twice, it is in a perfect condition. Babies grow so fast in their first year, so this year it will be too small for her. I’m sure we can’t be the only parents that have done this.

The Baby Bouncer


A baby bouncer is an essential piece of baby kit but I would say you only get roughly four to five months of use out of it. That’s 20 weeks! 20 weeks until it is no longer needed and put in storage.

The cost of baby bouncers can really vary, and the more you want it to do the more expensive they can get. There must be so many pre-loved baby bouncers out there that really have only been used for 20 weeks!

The Jump and Play Activity Centre


We still use our Jump and Play Activity Centre as it’s very handy for keeping Little E in one place when needed. It won’t be long until she will be too big for this. I would say we would have had about eight months use out of this. This really isn’t a long time and I wouldn’t say there would be much wear and tear on an item like this.

These activity centre’s really can cost a small fortune when new but they are very handy.

I think buying these three items brand new we easily spent over £150. Pre-loved items, even if sold at half of the original cost, would have reduce our costs.

How Can Wanna Help?

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Wanna is a new app that is going to launch very soon. It is a platform that connects buyers and sellers of goods within their local communities.

You can buy, sell and even find classes and activities that are local to you – all from one app. It uses a unique algorithm that Wanna uses to work for you, finding the best matches to your needs. It’s all about local communities – you can filter what you’re looking for or be a window shopper.

You can also be selective about who you buy from or sell to. Badges provide an additional layer of vetting and ratings to give you confidence in who you are connecting with.

DISCLOSURE – We received compensation for the purposes of this blog post.

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