Ethan's First School Sports Day

Ethan’s First School Sports Day

Last week Ethan had his first school sports day. I was really looking forward to it. We attended his very first sports day at his nursery last year but it felt quite competitive. It felt like all the parents talked about winning. All we were really worried about is if Ethan would run in the right direction.

Ethan’s sports day was going to be an all-day event. His year group were running in the morning, followed by the next group. There would be a break for a picnic lunch and then there would be races in the afternoon.

We knew that Little E would need her naps. Our plan was to go to see Ethan’s races, then take Little E for a drive to buy lunch. Hoping that she would sleep and then we could possibly stay for the afternoon races. Our day did not go to plan.

The Sports Day Races

Firstly we missed two of Ethan’s races because Little E decided that it was time to have her nappy changed!

We made it onto the field just as they were running a relay race. Ethan spotted us and his little face fell. I think he gets upset because he wants to be by our side but the activity is stopping him. We spent that race waving at him and giving him a thumbs-up, hoping that would make him feel better.

The next race was a trike race. As far as we are concerned Ethan doesn’t know how to peddle, we wondered how this was going to work. As always Ethan surprised us, even though he had support, Ethan’s feet were always on the peddles.

ethan trike race first school sports day

The last race was a dressing up race. Along each lane, they had placed a coat and a wig that the children had to put on. Again Ethan had help, but we loved his new look.

ethan wig race first school sports day

We did discover on sports day that Ethan really is the smallest boy in the school. He looked so tiny against his peers.

After his races we found Ethan but he had to leave us and we didn’t think he would. Thankfully his keyworker knew how to handle the situation. This was the point that we were going to get Little E to sleep, how wrong were we! She wouldn’t go to sleep at all, even though we drove around in the car for a while.

Our Picnic Lunch

We decided to give up and join Ethan for the picnic. He was very excited to see us. He didn’t eat his packed lunch because he snacked on all of Little E’s lunch!

We decided to leave after lunch as Little E really needed a nap by then. Ethan could have left with us at this point but he showed us that he wanted us to leave. He was ready to go and play with his friends. This was a fantastic moment to witness as it shows us that he really is happy at school.

It was lovely to have the chance to see Ethan’s classmates and their parents. The sports day had a very relaxed feel. I’m already looking forward to next year. Little E will be that much older that we should be able to stay for longer.

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