A Week Of Firsts For Our Children

Last week wasn’t the week I had planned. This was because Ethan was poorly on Monday night. It meant that I had an extra two Ethan days. This unexpected time meant that last week both children had a week of firsts.

ethan first mcdonalds breakfast

Ethan has been asking me in the mornings why are people in McDonalds. I have told him they are having breakfast. Last week as we had some extra time together I took him for a McDonalds breakfast. I ordered him pancakes as I knew he would happily eat those. Ethan was very confused about the lack of happy meals but now he knows that happy meals are for lunch and dinner.

We had a lovely time in McDonald’s together. Ethan was very well behaved and it was nice to spend some time together out of the house. He also had fun playing on the iPads. It is normally too busy for him to attempt to play with them.

little e wonder woman superhero day

Last week Little E’s school had a Superhero Day. It is a day that they let the children dress up and offer a themed school lunch. They had a Harry Potter themed day last term but Little E didn’t want to take part. Typically that was a costume we already had!

I asked Little E if she wanted to take part in Superhero Day and she agreed. She decided she wanted a Wonder Woman costume. I put a spare set of clothes in her bag as I wasn’t expecting her to wear the outfit all day. To my surprise, we collected a Wonder Woman from school that night.

It really was a week of firsts for our children and they were a lovely surprise. I really hope that Little E takes part in the next themed day. A McDonald’s breakfast will definitely be on the cards again in the future too.

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5 thoughts on “A Week Of Firsts For Our Children”

  1. I love your blog. Last week my son finally took his first “independent” steps. We cheered and encouraged him as much as we could. His physical therapist watched the whole thing on our family camera. Delayed does not mean never. I never for one moment suspected he would be able to do that, and I had tears in my eyes… It was definitely unexpected for sure.
    What these kids can do…

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I love this achievement. Well done little man. This is the reason I started to blog. To celebrate milestones. We do everyday things later than others but they mean so much more when we get there x

  2. It sounds like a fab week (apart from the illness). Do you know, I’ve never had a McDonald’s breakfast? Maybe it’s something I should try too! #LivingArrows

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