Low-Stress Holiday Ideas

We’re a month into 2019 already, which means that there’s another year of holidays we need to plan for at some point. Everybody deserves some time to put their feet up after everything that happened last year. These low-stress holiday ideas might help you arrange something that keeps you and your family mellow and relaxed.

Hire A Campervan

camper campervan camping

Campervans are great. You can spend some time with nature without having to sleep in a wet tent, and you can spend your entire holiday enjoying barbeque food and relaxing in the sun. Your children and pets might make new friends if you stay at a popular caravan park, so you won’t have to keep them entertained all by yourself. If you compare caravan hire prices, you might end up with plenty of money left in your holiday budget.

Have A ‘Staycation’

Don’t worry if you can’t afford to travel abroad. The country you live in will have plenty of tourist attractions to visit, and there might even be some within driving distance of your house! A little research into the area you live can reveal some really interesting places and experiences that you might never have heard of, and it’s far less hassle to go somewhere local.

Host Your Own Event At Home

You don’t need to leave home to have a fun holiday. Set up your own events or ‘nights in’ and let yourself unwind in the comfort of your own home with things you know you’ll enjoy. For example, if you’ve got younger children who are big Disney fans, host a Disney marathon for a few nights with some snacks and treats for them to eat. If you want to do something as a couple, find something that interests you both and spend a few days doing it together.

Stay In A Cottage


Cottages can be a really fun way to isolate yourself from the stress of modern life. You can take a relaxing stroll through nearby fields or spend an afternoon watching whatever films you’ve brought with you, but don’t need to worry about rushing off to meet ticket deadlines or getting lost in a city where you don’t know anybody.

Go To The Beach

Sauble Beach Ontario Lake Huron

The beach is the ideal place to unwind on a hot day, as well as a great site for a picnic.  If you bring enough to eat and drink, as well as maybe a long book or something to listen to, you can spend an entire day relaxing in the sun with nothing to stress about.

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