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Word Of The Week – Absent

This week didn’t quite go as planned. Little E was poorly which meant she was absent from school for most of the week. Ethan also had some days of being absent because of it. This meant I had both children at home with me when I wasn’t expecting it. Thankfully work was quieter for me so having the kids at home wasn’t as hard as it could have been.


Monday was a typical day for us apart from having to take the car for its service. So we juggled that around the school runs. On Monday night Little E said she felt sick. She picked at her dinner as she didn’t really like it. So I wasn’t sure if she felt sick because she was hungry or ill. She ate some snacks so I put it down to hunger. In the early hours of the morning, Little E was sick.

This meant that Little E would need to be absent from school on Tuesday until at least Thursday depending on when her illness ended. She actually didn’t return to school until Friday as she was still poorly during the day on Tuesday.

Ethan also had to be absent from school on Tuesday. With Little E being ill I couldn’t get her ready to leave the house. Leaving her on her own isn’t an option. We don’t know anyone local to help me out in any way so I had to message Ethan’s teacher to tell her my problem. They could actually send one of the TAs to us to take Ethan to school. As we weren’t sure if Little E had a sickness bug and Ethan goes to school with vulnerable children she thought it best for him to stay at home with us.

Ethan’s school was closed on Wednesday due to a non-pupil day. So both children were home with me again. Only Ethan went to school on Thursday. Little E was better but she needed a clear 48 hours before she could return to school. This meant I was able to get Ethan to school without any issues. I knew Little E could leave the house with me for the school run without the prospect of her being ill.

I’m not really happy about the absent days both children had this week. But with Little E being ill she had no choice but to be off. Ethan has already had quite a few days off this year because of his finger. Thankfully his school was understanding. Lets hope that’s the last of the absent days for a while.

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