setting sun project 365 2023

Project 365 2023 Week 10 Days 63-69

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2023 Week 10. This week both children had days absent from school. This was because Little E was ill. I was unable to get Ethan into school on Tuesday because of his sister’s illness. Ethan also had a non-pupil day. So most of the week was out of our normal routine until Friday. Thankfully my work was quiet so it wasn’t too much of a juggle having them both home.

Project 365 – 2023 Week 10

Day 63

little e watering raspberry plant project 365 2023

My mum planted a raspberry plant in our garden. It’s the only plant we have in it at the moment. It is Little E’s job to make sure the plant is watered. I’m terrible with plants which is why my mum gave this job to Little E.

Day 64

disney alphabet fleece project 365 2023

We actually unpacked some more things today. There were lots of things packed in our suitcases. We had time to empty them and I found our Disney fleece blanket. Just in time for the cold week. We got this blanket for Ethan during our trip to Walt Disney World in 2017. He fell asleep during the Halloween Party and it was a cool evening in Florida. I was pleased it kept its condition whilst it was packed up.

Day 65

roast dinner march 6th project 365 2023

A busy day today taking the car for its service around work and school runs. The slow cooker cooked the chicken for our dinner throughout the day. I do love our slow cooker.

Day 66

setting sun project 365 2023

Both children were at home today. So we had an unexpected day in. I remembered taking a photo for today just as the sun was setting.

Day 67

janes hand holding lava you tea cup project 365 2023

No snow for us today but another day in for us. I remembered to take a photo as I had my last cup of tea for the day.

Day 68

cream cheese bagel

I was home with Little E today and I was able to stop to buy some lunch at the shop. I got some bagels. They are something I haven’t eaten in years.

Day 69

smiling ethan snow falling garden

It was a weird weather day today. We got soaked on the school run. Then it snowed for two hours. I had hail stones to drive in on the afternoon school run. Then snow when we got home and the children ran around in the garden for a bit. Then a brilliant clear evening.

That was our 2023 Week 10 adventure. You can read about week 9 here.

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 Week 10 Days 63-69”

  1. I hope Ethan wasn’t too disappointed missing school and I hope Little E has fully recovered now. Watch out with the raspberry cane, they do spread fast. Your tea looks how I take mine, you’ve got me wanting one now. Love the blanket.

  2. Hope that the raspberry plant grows. We have a few in our garden and they tend to be a bit neglected although seem to thrive on it! Hope Little E is okay now. Those bagels look yummy – I haven’t had bagels in ages and am tempted to get some now. #project365

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