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Word Of The Week – Adapting

I’m still finding life quite exhausting as these past two weeks we have been adapting to our new routine. To be honest I feel like I haven’t stopped since the beginning of July. I really need some downtime but that won’t happen for a while yet.


Little E has been adapting to becoming a junior. As she is older I’m trying to get her to carry her bag to school. This is proving to make some battles. Sometimes I win and sometimes she wins but I’m hoping one day it will just be her norm. She does make me laugh how she always tries to compromise with me for most of the walk to school.

Ethan is adapting to becoming a senior. Being pre-verbal I don’t get much information out of him. From the photos, they send home it looks like he is doing OK. They are learning life skills and the children in his class all look around the same age. The school is able to go swimming again now so there are lots of things going on for him at the moment. Ethan is also now the oldest on this school transport. It feels weird as he was the youngest for so long. He has to be the example for the new joiners.

I’m adapting to working around the school runs again. The summer holidays are hard with having to work whilst the children are at home. But when they are at school I feel like I have to pick up and put down a lot more. But I must admit it is nice having the house to myself for a few hours.

We are also all adapting to the new after school club routines. Little E’s has pretty much stayed the same but Ethan’s has moved days. The new days actually makes our week easier but it’s hard to switch them in your mind. We are getting there slowly.

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  1. It really is difficult to get used to new routines when they go back to school, but it’s been even more difficult to adapt with the lost time from Covid. This is the first time one of my children has been full time at school for 18 months! It sounds like you are working it out though. I know what you mean about having to stop and start with having to deal with the kids coming and going. Sometimes it’s easier to get on with things without clock watching.

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