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Word Of The Week – Adjusting

The past week has been a nice week. Darren has had the week off of work and the children have had their first week of the Easter holiday. There has been some adjusting for us this week though.


The first adjustment was the time adjustment last weekend. I have never really noticed it affect me before but this week I have felt very tired. I have been waking up a bit later and my body clock has found it a struggle. It might be because Darren is at home and I have had the time to relax. It feels stupid saying this as the children have only been back into the school routine for three weeks. We shouldn’t really feel the need to rest yet. Perhaps coming out of lockdown is a bit of a shock to the system.

Little E has also had to do some adjusting this week. We are trying to reduce her screen time on the iPad. As she was growing up it was very hard justifying Ethan’s iPad use to Little E. Ethan has his iPad all the time at home, it is the only thing that can keep up with him. It helps keep him still and he uses it to self-soothe.

When Little E was younger she would use the iPad but would also play with her toys. In the lockdowns, she got dependent on the iPad and the games she plays. She talks to other people in one of the games and she thinks she is talking to her friends. Don’t worry we keep an eye on her but for her mental health, we let it go on. This week we have made Little E take a three-hour daily break from her iPad. It hasn’t gone down well but she has followed the rules.

Ethan has also been adjusting to being at home for the Easter holidays. There have been lots of questions about what we are doing each day and when is it time to go back to school. Darren being at home has helped as he has been able to take the children out whilst I work. With the relaxation of the lockdown rules, Darren even took the children to visit the sea at Clacton-on-Sea. Ethan was so happy to be back there. Next week will be interesting as Darren will be back at work and I have a training session on one of my workdays!

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5 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Adjusting”

  1. Adjusting to the time change always takes a bit of time for us – I quite like the spring one though as it’s meant the time Thomas wakes now starts with a 6 instead of a 5 (although adjusting to bedtimes is still a challenge!) Hope you are feeling less tired and get a chance to relax over the weekend. I can see how it must be difficult having to have different rules on iPad time for your children and getting Little E to understand that. We’ve had to be firmer on setting iPad time restrictions too as Sophie has been the same with the lockdowns. She is now good at setting the timers herself and it’s been good for her to have that limit. Hope you have a nice Easter weekend. #WotW

  2. It’s so hard to limit screen time isn’t it. My teens spend far too much time on theirs but they didn’t start using them until they were older, whereas the Little Man has always wanted to copy his sisters so he started a lot younger. It is now really difficult to tear him away but he’s too young to not be doing other things. I can’t wait for the chance to visit the sea side. I hope your holiday week goes well. #wotw

  3. My two younger ones are definitely ready for a break. It must have been nice having Darren back for the first week and a trip down to the sea sounds perfect. I hope next week goes smoothly for you. A training day sounds challenging all round. It’s difficult to balance screen time and even harder to reduce it. Good for Little E sticking to the rules. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. #wotw

  4. It took us a few days to get used to the clocks changing. I still keep losing track of time especially because it’s still light so late.
    Eek! I remember a time when I used to have to take my girls take breaks from electronics. It was never much fun. Thankfully now they have learned to take breaks. It does get easier. x

  5. We took a few days to adjust to the clocks going forward. It always makes me feel tired.
    I totally understand the screen time situation. My youngest is autistic and he spends a lot of time on his iPad, so it’s a tough one when I tell my eldest that he needs to come off his.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 🙂 #WotW

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