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Word Of The Week – Calmer

This week has felt a lot calmer than the last few months. Work is slowing down and it hasn’t felt so intense. It was still a week of thinking as we visited another high school. I’m still open to all options at the moment. Every school has their good and bad points but we have another year to make a final decision.


Little E has been going to her athletics club for a month now and is really enjoying it. They work on different things for three weeks and then switch. So far she has tried throwing and I think a little bit of running. She only really wanted to join for the running side. I wasn’t expecting her to say she is enjoying it as much as she is.

I took Ethan to his first football session this week. He was very unsure of it possibly because there were no children from his class attending. The kids that were there are more capable than Ethan with speech and possibly understanding. He didn’t want to join in with them so I ended up being Ethan’s team-mate. I have never played football in my life! Ethan only wanted to stay for thirty minutes. But he was very proud of himself for trying. Apparently, we are going again next week and I hope he feels calmer about it.

In my calmer moments this week, I actually got the time to binge-watch a few different series. I really enjoyed The Traitors watching both the UK and USA versions. They uploaded the Australian version so I watched that. I like watching to see if people act the same if put in the same situations. All three versions have ended in different ways. I also caught up with Only Murders in the Building, Darren doesn’t like that series but I find it very funny. It was the launch of The Haunted Mansion on Disney Plus this week. We wanted to watch it when we sailed on the Disney Dream in the summer holidays. I’m glad we didn’t get the chance as I think the children would have found it a bit scary in places. I think it’s a great version of the film.

Little E’s school week ended on a high. She was picked to be a member of the Eco Team. They had to write a few sentences about why they would be a good fit to join the team. Little E had already tried to join the school council but failed. She couldn’t believe it when she actually got picked. She will have to attend monthly meetings and be proactive about helping the local environment.

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2 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Calmer”

  1. I am glad things are calmer for you now.
    It sounds like the athletics club is going well for Little E and well done to Ethan with the football club!
    That is a great end to Little E’s school week! Well done her. x

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