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Word Of The Week – Thinking

After feeling very weary last week it was nice when my work slowed down a little this week. It gave me some time to recharge for this week’s busy week. This week we started looking at senior schools for Little E. She has only just started year five so we are a little early but this gives us the time to think. So this week it felt like we were thinking a lot about the future.


When we moved we thought we knew which school we would send Little E to. But now we have been thinking this might not be the best school for her. So this week we viewed two schools that she could possibly travel to. We have another school to view next week too. Both schools are very different and are in very different areas. Some thinking will be needed to decide the best option for Little E.

I have also been thinking about Christmas this week. Suddenly it doesn’t feel that far away. Ethan still needs to visit Father Christmas. I think it is more of a routine thing for him. He must tell Santa what he wants for Christmas. The problem we now have is he is older and therefore I have to think about who will cater for him. I think I have found somewhere for this year. Next year might be more of a problem.

This weekend was our last busy weekend for little adventures, I’m looking forward to some slower weeks. We spent the weekend at Chessington World of Adventures. We have enjoyed using our Merlin Passes this year but we won’t look at renewing them. Going to the Merlin theme parks this year has made us appreciate our love of the Disney theme parks. We have a few more trips planned before they expire and they really have been great value for money. Little E isn’t a big thrill ride person so as much as she has enjoyed our visits we know she gets more out of visiting Disneyland Pairs. I guess that means we need to start saving again!

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  1. It’s good getting a early start on looking for senior schools for Little E. Good luck with picking a school, it is such a hard decision.
    That is lovely that Ethan still wants to visit Father Christmas. I am glad you have found somewhere to cater for him. x

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