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Word Of The Week – Change

This week our word of the week is


as Little E officially started nursery this week. It is a very big change for her but one we think she is ready for. We never thought that Little E would attend nursery until she was three but we feel she is ready to mix with her peers as she is learning so much from her brother.

Last week Little E had a settling in session and it all went well, this week was her first full session. It sounds like she had a great time and was full of beans when she came home. It was lovely to see her so happy and excited.

Sending Little E to nursery has been such a different experience than with Ethan. It felt so scary letting him go, making sure everything was in place for him to be looked after correctly. Little E has always wanted independence, nursery has felt like a very natural step. I can’t want to see the changes that nursery will bring for her.

Starting nursery has meant that we have had to get used to some changes too. I now have a few hours a week without children. I’m really hoping this means I can start cutting down my to-do list. It was very weird not having Little E here, I kept thinking she was having an afternoon nap!

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  1. Little E is going to nursery? I remember when she was born! Wow, time really does fly. I hope she settles in quickly. x

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